descriptionJavascript viewer for gEDA PCB files
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05e6219 Michael Marques Merge branch 'dev' master
9b17157 Michael Marques Merge branch 'thermal' into dev
df5f755 Michael Marques All thermals rendering correctly with GL Renderer thermal
e79e6fc Michael Marques GL Thermal rendering working for + and S thermals
50f5643 Michael Marques Fixed bug in Android WebGL by turning on and off …
40cef06 Michael Marques Touch support added for zoom and pan.
5ce4412 Michael Marques 2D Rendering engine clears thermals correctly. C…
e18240d Michael Marques Parsing thermals works.
2dd0752 Michael Marques Non clearing polygons drawn after clearing now. …
f726a95 Michael Marques Clearing for 2DRenderer of polygons now implement…
5992aee Michael Marques Continuation of previous commit, forgot to add fi…
087c5ca Michael Marques Converted Layer manager into Renderer and created…
6e83c70 Michael Marques Merge branch 'polygon' into dev
265ae3a Michael Marques Polygons render in 2D context. polygon
43a3975 Michael Marques Element names no longer drawn when hidden flag is…
878c046 Michael Marques Polygons cleared properly, only thermals need dra…
v1.5 Everything working but polygons render non contiguous regions.
v1.1 Updated to include WebGL Acceleration
v1.0 First working build, missing support for polygons, thermals and arcs among other things.