00f102e Michael Marques Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' master
9b8dfd4 Michael Marques Fixed problem with animation when leaving Fog Of …
6ab3ed3 jc BugFix: TextMenus now perform correctly. When the…
e6fa25e jc Merge feature-leashing branch into master
0f91f3c jc Wandering NPCs now leash to bounded areas correct…
81ee5c8 Michael Marques Removed extra row in Level 5
bff089a Michael Marques Fixed bug where Level Change position wasn't sent…
6185f8a jc Corrected Spanish string.
0ace566 Michael Marques Fixed typo and added 1 spanih locale string
1c3d3ac Michael Marques Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
044736f Michael Marques Removed level change from Tile and put it in Leve…
12c7d5c jc Bugfix: Wandering NPCs no longer ghost through th…
789168d Michael Marques Fixed position update bug
674df7b Michael Marques Fixed bugs in Level Changes
950453c DrYerzinia Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.dryerzinia.com…
a7184cc DrYerzinia Changed Potion giver to stand still while Potion …
176317e jc Default database properties file is now written i…
a73d73b Michael Marques Finished Bug #11
4bb9abe Michael Marques Fixed Bug #17Was passing wrong variable as deltaT…
ca73279 Michael Marques Fixed Bug #20
f42f559 Michael Marques Modified persons to use MovmentAnimator class
ba536b0 Michael Marques Fixed bug where NPC's dont move until you talk to…
8d13255 Michael Marques Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
553d699 Michael Marques Locale stored in settings file, Settings file loa…
49af3e3 jc Fixed bug where one character would spawn in out …
517d444 jc Translated some strings into Spanish.
2f07642 jc User settings loaded/written using properties fil…
15aa2c0 Michael Marques Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' and …
c8256ba Michael Marques Created Conditionals and Conditional events, fixe…
034fa39 jc Implemented support for running the server with a…
ef1915b Michael Marques Fixed clicking code to be contined in player clas…
61d9337 Michael Marques Events load from JSON now
dbdfd74 Michael Marques Added String.json to load Strings from file
549a225 Michael Marques Integrated Juans new Event system and Text menu s…
2f98209 DrYerzinia Fixed Bug #19
cead415 Michael Marques Update bug #15 missed Pokemon and Move classes
2ebe37b DrYerzinia Fixes for bug #19
eed14f0 DrYerzinia Progress on bug #19
4f653e9 DrYerzinia Fixed Bug #18
b4cdfcf DrYerzinia Fix for bug #15
2e85c20 DrYerzinia Added Ledge Jump to animations
58dc715 Michael Marques Working on Bug #12 make Jump work
0a3f5a4 DrYerzinia Fixed Bug: #13
2a962a6 DrYerzinia Fixed fog of war for Actor characters
4335d2b DrYerzinia Added Movement sprites
602d7e6 DrYerzinia Improved naming, standardized to camelCase
2b443d5 DrYerzinia Fix for Bug #10
8ab93c9 DrYerzinia All step animations working across borders
5e2a904 DrYerzinia Fixed bugs related to Bug 8
8b87b47 DrYerzinia General bug fixes and commenting related to Bug 8
863baa3 DrYerzinia Fixed Bug 8
ef9485c DrYerzinia Partial Progress on Bug 8
6d95b37 DrYerzinia Bug 7 Fix
473fcd1 DrYerzinia Resolved Bug 4
8284574 DrYerzinia Now sending player movement updates to server
56566c6 DrYerzinia Lady2 and Man1 Sprites added for walking and acto…
44eef01 DrYerzinia Changed direction to Direction Enum in all refere…
db89d90 Michael Marques Stream Based JSON reading working
0d6c4cf Michael Marques Fixed Applet UI and changed UI
2e9c688 Michael Marques Used reflection for JSON write
f52cbc5 DrYerzinia Starting working on Actor Animation
b5c99ef Michael Marques Starting replacing x, y, level with position obje…
f230a67 Michael Marques Updated main character animations
066015f DrYerzinia Stated work on fixing level change
ca0181b DrYerzinia Refactored to working state
c745858 DrYerzinia Make good headway restructuring pokemon
7bf1a4e DrYerzinia Major refactoring part way through
8acddd0 DrYerzinia Fixed Typo in save.json pixle to pixel
86725dc DrYerzinia Fixed Linebreaking on location entry on Login view
6ba0bfd DrYerzinia Stoped classloader from sending HTTP GET requests…
89f1255 DrYerzinia Removed various unused debug messages
1ce8710 DrYerzinia Finished removeing JX Pad
bdd9aaa DrYerzinia Removed JXPad from project
a55d0a4 Michael Marques Created keystore for signing the Pokemon Applet J…
bfc962d DrYerzinia Fixed spelling error of Sprite Scientist
7fac74c DrYerzinia Cleaned up and Commented Server Code
737b6cb DrYerzinia Removed unused statics message ID's from PokemonS…
c257eb8 Michael Marques Cleaned up client Disconnect handling on server s…
8ae93d7 Michael Marques Added SQL querys for database setup
594a002 DrYerzinia Pokemon Base Stats load from JSON file
569e794 DrYerzinia Default Settings file now JSON
d0fd0d7 DrYerzinia Remove .classpath and .project from tracking
026ed62 Michael Marques Added MySQL Driver to Code
c293e81 DrYerzinia Removed ot and name from Pokemon class as they wh…
778118c DrYerzinia New MySQL loading working
18f87cd DrYerzinia Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev'
c026f42 jc SQLExceptions fixed to not break SMLogin dev
ad44b92 jc SQLExceptions caught to not break SMLogin.
d8efccf jc MySqlConnect converted to fully use JDBC instead …
ea046fd jc sql
a23e83a DrYerzinia Minor Bug Fixes
bfeb728 DrYerzinia Fixed save.json, had nulls in bad places
b113caf DrYerzinia Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/package'
3c4807e DrYerzinia Game Loads from JSON save file
10b879f jc Changed most of MysqlConnect to use JDBC instead …
353bbb0 DrYerzinia Move all files into packages package
74ca38c DrYerzinia Image and save resources added
99a560c DrYerzinia project files
55f304d DrYerzinia Created Pokemon Repository