descriptionA web version of a AFSK Demodulator primarly for demodulating APRS packets from a radio attached to the computer line in.
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14c223f Michael Marques Icon set_image function removed when transitionin… master
2b00c22 Michael Marques Fixed map module references to be uppercase
9b27e57 Michael Marques Add 'src/www/js/Map/' from commit 'ace76fc8da88af…
3aaeddb Michael Marques Removed map module to add it as subtree
ace76fc Michael Marques Changed Map references to refer to local directory
2cbbc86 Michael Marques Create Map Repository
6eb4fe8 Michael Marques Implemented Location API watch interface
299495c Michael Marques Fixed Zoom Bounce at max zoom level
aafc9a3 Michael Marques Fixed weather Parsing of pos reports
64cccc7 Michael Marques Removed Reserved symbols from symbol list
465ed41 Michael Marques APRS Symbol Preserved on refresh
ca1ee62 DrYerzinia Updates message Location if symbol is changed and…
8de9606 DrYerzinia Symbol selector functional
5a8bc6d DrYerzinia GPS Message, LocalStorage for Control Settings
bc88334 Michael Marques BEACON messages Parse as status
220fe7e DrYerzinia Shortened Source and Address Fields