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DrYerziniaLogo.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. ,,,
APRS-X.git Android APP for commuicating via packet radio. DrYerzinia
C_DigiMode.git Decoders for various Digital radio modes that can be decoded from the sound card. DrYerzinia
Automation.git Hardware Designs and software for controlling various home devices (Lighting, Outlets, Appliances, Locks) from a phone directly via Bluetooth Low Energy, or through the internet via a MRF24J40MA node or WiFi Node DrYerzinia
BluetoothLE_AFSK_TNC.git Schematics and Code for an RFduino based Bluetooth Low Energy AFSK TNC. Can be used to connect a Bluetooth LE capable device to a radio for digital AFSK modulated communications. DrYerzinia
H_Bridge.git H Bridge PCB Design DrYerzinia
PA0RDT.git A surface mount PCB design of the PA0RDT MiniWhip antenna and power injector DrYerzinia
Pokemon.git Pokemon Yellow Java clone with MMORPG addition. DrYerzinia
Lockiv.git Controls a computerized dead bolt lock DrYerzinia
WebPacketRadio.git A web version of a AFSK Demodulator primarly for demodulating APRS packets from a radio attached to the computer line in. DrYerzinia
PCBViewer.git Javascript viewer for gEDA PCB files DrYerzinia
GSchemViewer.git Javascirpt Viewer for gEDA schematic files DrYerzinia
cabinet_editor.git Kitchen Schematic editor coded for Colorado Creative Cabinetry. Allows the user to draw various kitchens to get an idea of how they would like to remodel their own kitchen. DrYerzinia
KMLMapImageGenerator.git Wep Application for taking KML's and exporting sections of the map with the KML data overlayed as an image DrYerzinia
Map.git Map module for web apps DrYerzinia